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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey all, some updates over the last few weeks- Since March 14th we have had awesome mission groups from the U.S. come and serve with us here in Costa Rica. A recap of the groups that we had during March:

Alamo Heights UMC CollegeLIFE, San Antonio, TX  -> such an awesome and amazing group of young people with such different personalities and gifts. I had lots of laughs with ya'll and seriously enjoyed the time and memories we shared together. Texans- I get along really well with you guys for some reason. Logan, Cici, Sarah- I am excited to see you all again here in July...with my fratbro ;)
Mile High Academy, Denver, CO-> this group was like a bunch of army ants! always high energy and did major work on the retaining wall at the construction site. This was the first Adventist missions group that I've worked with and you guys taught us all here that Adventists DO WORK!
Whobodies, Mt. Pisgah UMC, Greensboro, NC -> the current group that I am with and will be traveling to Poas Volcano, Los Guidos, and then to Cahuita for a 1-day excursion trip. I like this group and definitely look forward to continue sharing with them and showing them around all the sights of Poas, Los Guidos, and Cahuita. Small group of only 8 people but a lively bunch of workers that work hard and play hard.

Other updates for March that I can provide (financial needs/info will be given later) :
The retaining wall for the park at the Carrillos construction site is going along very smoothly and about less than 25% remains for it to be complete. God willing, it will be all done by the mid to late June. After the retaining wall is fully built, a shorter and smaller wall will be built that will serve as a protective barrier between the park area and the street traffic that runs alongside it all.
No painting or other work at the nearby elementary school has been done this month- plans to return there are in June as well as starting some other construction work at the local Methodist Church in Carrillos.

That is all for now. A dozen new pictures have been uploaded to the Flickr Photostream, a facebook and a twitter account for Strong Missions have been created. Just search: Strong Missions on Facebook or twitter to check us out.

Gotta go pack for tomorrows full day of traveling.

Please keep praying and God Bless you all!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update: Pastoral Support for Los Guidos

Strong Missions is currently paying $850 in support to Pastor Edgar Ponce and his church staff. We have received a gift of $5,000 this year so far but more consistent and regular support is needed to provide sufficient pastoral support for the entire year. This money helps pay the church leaders who serve the church community in the impoverished area of Los Guidos; this helps them to supports their own families and living expenses.

Please contact via email ( or just add a comment to the blog  if you are able to help the Pastoral Support of Los Guidos or if you have any other questions.

Thanks and God Bless, Christian

Update: School Scholarships for Students in Los Guidos area

The current situation:

  • 15 students in 8th grade and up in private schools and special learning institutes- much better quality and faster pace of instruction than the public schools.
  • Average yearly cost: $1,100 per student. $16,500 total.
  • We've received $2,200 so far.
The students chosen to receive a scholarship are selected by the leaders in the church of Los Guidos and are noted for their strong desire and potential to learn given the opportunity to overcome the financial burden of going to school (i.e. transportation costs, books, supplies, uniforms)

Please contact via email ( or just add a comment to the blog  if you are able to help support the needs of providing school scholarships to these students of Los Guidos or if you have any other questions.

Thanks and God Bless, Christian

Update: Los Guidos Feeding Program- Panes y Peces (Bread and Fish)

Details about the current needs for Panes y Peces- feeding program at Los Guidos Methodist Church.
  • $4,000/month needed to be able to feed 120 kids 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch) in the low  income and needy area of Los Guidos.
  • Currently there is $1,540 being received each month from churches and individual donors.
  • Strong Missions is providing $760 each month to help out with the financial needs of the feeding program.
  • With the approximate total $2,300 available each month- 80 to100 children are being fed on average during the 6 days that meals are served; however the food of the meals are with significantly diminished nutritional value.
  • The forming of a foundation for Panes y Peces is in the works to help make supporting this ministry more convenient and accessible.
Regular financial givers and donors as well as one-time donations are needed to help meet the $4,000 goal mark that will allow to feed more children with food that has a much higher nutritional value for their growth and development.

Please contact via email ( or just add a comment to the blog  if you are able to help support the needs of Panes y Peces or if you have any other questions.

Thanks and God Bless, Christian

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Start of 2010- so far...

Just to 'formally' introduce myself, I am Christian Cuellar, Program Coordinator for Strong Missions. I have chosen to create this blog in order to help past and future missionary volunteers interested in the vision of Strong Missions informed and updated with all of the progress. Shortly before the actual start of 2010, Strong Missions was already doing work within the community of Carrillos.
Since Dec. 26th, 2009 until Feb. 24th of this year, there have been 9 groups of church and family missions volunteers that have come to work with Strong Missions. These hard working people have traveled from their homes in the U.S. such as Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Minnesota.
Since the beginning of this year, all of these groups have helped to construct a significant portion of a community park and playground; a work project that is estimated to be finished by mid-August...

Go to the Flickr Photostream link on the right side for a collection of pictures of the park/playground work project and of other work and events that groups will do in the future. I will be updating the Flickr account with new pictures as much as I can as the year rolls on.

The next several weeks we will be working with the following groups:

March 14-21        Alamo Heights UMC CollegeLIFE, San Antonio, TX
March 16-24        Mile High Academy, Denver, CO
March 27-April 3  Whobodies, Mt. Pisgah UMC, Greensboro, NC (returning)
April 4-13            Stone Bridge Church, Marietta, GA

     After April 13th the next wave of groups start coming in on May 31st and keep coming all the way until about the second week in August. A lot of work lies ahead and I sure do hope that the work done through Strong Missions continues to grow and impact the lives of those in need.

PEACE, Christian

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Under Construction

The next batch of mission groups arrive on March 14th. Pictures, info, and updates of the work sites, Los Guidos, and are all to come soon! Please keep checking this blog as I will be posting new entries about once a week.

Please pray for:
Pastor Edgar Ponce, his family, the church of Los Guidos, Charlie and his family, as well as the rest of the Strong Missions staff.

Much Love and Respect.
God Bless you all,

Christian Cuellar
Strong Missions- Program Coordinator