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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A note from Charlie (Part 1 of 4)

A Note from Charlie

Hello all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our most successful year yet. Before the season is over next month, we will have had close to 570 trip participants through here this year, well over the 500 we had in 2008 before the economy crashed (we only had 300 people through here in 2009). Sure, we had a few incentives such as cheaper transportation and lodging, but regardless it amazes me how the faithful of God came forward during the crisis in the U.S. to make a difference in the lives of those who still have far less than do we. I’ve said it before and I say it again… I work with the best people; those of faith, but whose faith carries them into the world to make a difference. Thanks again for your dynamic faith, for we could not do what we do without you.

We changed locations this year, as the theft and danger of San Jose became too much for us to expect teams, and the organization, to deal with. I was even shot at June 1, 2009, between Guadalupe and Moravia (between the church where teams lodged and my office). We therefore elected to leave San Jose (don’t worry, we’re still supporting and visiting the ministry in Los Guido), as we did not want a violent crime to be perpetrated again a team or one of it’s members. We chose Carrillos Bajos of Poas, just 20 minutes from the airport in the opposite direction of San Jose. Carrillos has a much more rural feel, and this has allowed teams to spend more time in the community getting to know the locals, as it’s much safer to move around even during evening hours. The community has welcomed us with open arms, and the children look forward to seeing teams arrive at the back gate. We are active with both the Evangelical Methodist Church located and the Assembly of God Church located here, in construction, with their new feeding programs, and with worship and VBS activities with their children. At this time we also have the Carver family from Kentucky, Bruce, Kathy, Chessa & Naomi, here for 4 months teaching English to the locals. Kathy teaches ESL in the U.S., so this has been quite a service both to my workers and the community at large. They have an estimated 65 people or so to whom they’re teaching, ranging from children to adults, with classes being offered several times a week for each group of students. It is quite a ministry in and of itself, and this family has become endeared to us at Strong Missions and to the community at large. Future projects abound, so we expect to continue the work here in Carrillos for several more years at least, before we move to another nearby small town and begin community development there as well. We hope all will come and experience Carrillos, as it is indeed fertile ground.

Chessa and 4 girls of the local community, who also participate in the youth English courses.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

135 new photos on facebook....

Check out my Alpha Phi Omega/High Point North Carolina fall 2010 pictures under the Strong Missions facebook page. They are not as beautiul as some of yours, but it's a start......Bendiciones!

Where's Warner?

Oh wait, Warner is the only one actually working right now unlike these 2 clowns! (It didn't take much convincing for them to pose for this picture.) Actually, the entire team at Strong Missions works very hard. We love the Ws!


On the chalkboard at Los Guido
How do they stay in the lines?!?

Peak-a-boo! Not really what we had in mind for the parachute, but oh well.

He's smiling because he has 3 new novias.

APO- Fall mission trip pictures

Here are a few pictures from the APO fall mission trip:
Did you know that simple things as bubbles can brighten a child's day?

A local church member gets involved in the project....

Team work!!!! And pass, and dump, and pass back.....and fill, and pass, and dump....what an awesome workout!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New connections

Well since I'm posting, I didn't quit! LOL (see last blog) We are on 3 days of concrete with one day left. Sweet!

Had a very emotional afternoon with the group from North Point University visiting the Posada de Belen in Coyol. Just the story of the girls who were raped, violated, molested, etc. and now have babies.....babies having babies....brought tears to some eyes. It's a very powerful place and we are going to start to work together with them to see what we can do. For those of you who know Geysa from the orphanage she is now working there and my is she blessed and spreads those blessings onto many.

Prayers for this place,

Friday, October 15, 2010

And back to work....

Not that we haven't been working all this time (well I have, not quite sure about Charlie...haha...just kidding), but we are about to receive our first fall team. They are going to enjoy the beach first and then come back on Monday to continue work on the "comedor" the building for the feeding program and pastoral housing at the Methodist Church in Carrillos.

I can't wait to get back to pouring concrete....that's my favorite!!!! Seriously. So if the plans change, I will have to quit, and that would just stink. 1 out of 4 days of concrete would just make my day. 4 out of 4 would rock.

I will be uploading new pictures in less than 10 days. PS....the school looks awesome! It lacks windows, but it's getting there. I wonder if we are going to paint it seems like all the painting since I arrived has been done some shade of green.

In His name,