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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NOW!!! Cheap tickets to San Jose! & fall discount

If you are looking for an amazing mission experience in which you can bless others and be blessed and experience God's work in a different part of the world, come work with us. Between our fall discount rate and tickets are now on sale from Chicago to San Jose for $239 round trip from August-Nov. blackout date of Labor Day weekend, you can get a great deal.

Also from Orlando to San Jose (Sept. 7th- Nov. 10th) $99 each way!

check out travelzoo for rates.....also possibly orbitz

The fall discount rate that is now being offered to groups of 10 people or more that come anytime from September 1st or after and departing no later than November 15th is $100 off the cost for each person in the group.

This discount is made possible by the fact that the annual budget made for Strong Missions only takes into account having groups from January and into the middle of August. Any other groups that come are bonus.

Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in joining us for this amazing life changing experience. Whether you are new to Strong Missions or have joined us multiple times, we would love for you to be with us to experience Carrillos and the people of Costa Rica!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

some new pictures on the Flickr photostream:)

hey all! please click on the pictures on the right to see recent photos taken of the 3 work sites, Los Guidos, and of people of the recent mission groups: West University from Houston, Texas and Impact Mentoring Academy from Bermuda!

God's grace and peace be with you all...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting Into Full Gear

As the opening week of the summer 2010 season comes to a close, every worksite has already seen major progress and visible change thanks to all the hard work put in by the 39 member crew from Houston-based West U. United Methodist Church. We broke ground at the elementary school and have provided countless hours of entertainment for the students. Apparently there is something very intriguing about a bunch of gringos armed with pick-axes and shovels, but although the sight of over three dozen hot, sweaty, and energetic young workers has become a daily occurrence for the local people of Carrillos, the Strong Missions crew has also positively impacted the community, especially the local children, in a variety of ways. Over the last two days, West U has held an exciting VBS program for the local kids, which included arts and crafts, games, and of course, plenty of soccer. The kids' excitement about the program led many of them to follow the group to the local indoor soccer field afterwards for an evening of 6 on 6 competition. However, as the folks from Texas have surely learned, one of life's greatest joys is found through the act of service. Today we took them to visit the Methodist Church of Los Guidos, which is situated in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the country, where they literally gave up their own food in order to provide lunch for the children there. As always, the very presence of volunteers lit up the kids' eyes and put smiles on all their faces, giving them plenty of energy to participate in the scheduled activities that the group from Houston had prepared for them. As the first group of the summer season, the people from West U. have definitely set the bar high, and we at Strong Missions are stoked to see what else God has in store for the local community as we look forward to welcoming the hundreds of volunteers still to come this summer.