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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Education and Feeding Program News

God's grace to all!

With the cooperation of the bishop of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Costa Rica, Strong Missions is opening up 2 additional educational centers at the end of 2011. Approximately 200 students will receive an elementary and high school education in the Methodist churches located in Alajuela, Palmares and Los Guido de Desamparados. The 3 centers will cost a total of $19,058.82 for the 2011-2012 year. Additionally, we will offer 15 educational grants, from elementary school to college students. The total cost of these grants is $8250.

In addition for the feeding programs to continue, one year round in Los Guido feeding 50 children, plus an additional 50 children during the summer school break, and 2 programs in Carrillos during the same break feeding 100 additional children, we will need $23,600 for the food, cooking gas, electric, water, and salary for cooks, not including repairs/replacements of kitchen items.

We absolutely need your help with this work. There is nothing more important than education if we really want to break the cycle of poverty and it's very hard for students to concentrate on their studies if their stomachs are growling. Every donation counts, whether big or small, and God will take your gift and multiply it. To see more visit:, and to partner with us, contact us at:

Thanks so much for your consideration and your generosity for those who have so much less than do we.

Paz y bendiciones, Charlie