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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Cookbook is Finally Here!!!

We here at Strong Missions repeatedly receive rave reviews of the food from mission participants and often receive requests for recipes to many of the traditional dishes that we serve while you are on your trip.

After years of perfecting these recipes, the Strong Missions Cookbook is finally available for purchase!

The cookbook contains 17 of our most popular recipes and all proceeds go to the Strong Missions Empowered Communities programs including feeding, education, dance, theater, and martial arts. 

Books are $10/piece and shipping anywhere in the US and will be as follows:

1-4 books - $3
5-15 books - $7

There are some folks that have asked about using this cookbook as a fundraising opportunity and we think that is a great idea. With that in mind, if you order 20 or more books they are $7/piece. This also INCLUDES shipping and could be a great way to raise money for an upcoming trip or for your missions committee in general.

If you are interested in ordering cookbooks please place your order here - Cookbook Order Form - and we will contact you with information about payment and delivery time. 

For years, folks have come to enjoy the delicious freshly prepared food we serve at Strong Missions. Whether you are coming on a trip this summer, were just here, or haven't been in a couple of years these recipes will surely provide you with a little taste of Costa Rica. Provecho!