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Monday, May 31, 2010

The start of busy season

With today's arrival of the 39 person group from West University UMC located in Houston, Texas- we find ourselves in full swing with the busy season of mission groups lasting from June, July, and into the beginning of August.

Tomorrow we shall start working on the 3 work projects that we have initiated here in Carrillos:
1) the continuation of the construction of the community park/playground in the small city center
2) working on the foundation of a building that will house restrooms and a space for a children's feeding program at the local methodist church
3) and breaking ground to build up an building for office space at Carrillos Elementary School.

So long for time off. Hello missions work. It's time to shine.

Thank God for having summer interns- Johnnie, Serena, and Rebecca (coming soon:)



Monday, May 17, 2010

The Strong Mission houses- a visual experience.

Updated Flickr photos of the Strong Missions house

Howdy ya'll! Click on that top link to see some photos showing the current status of the houses where most of the groups coming over the next few months will be living while working here with us in Carrillos!

Recently completely work projects on the houses:
-awning was added to the the front porch area of the main house.
-additional toilets and shower stalls were added to the side of the main house.
-a water holding tank installed in case of unexpected water shut offs.

This week the work crew will be focusing on constructing additional bunk beds for both houses which can hold 2 dozen people in each house. More sleeping space will be added as need be.

Enjoy the photos and thanks for the comments.

God is Good.


Monday, May 10, 2010

the summer work projects and a Fall team discount

The summer work projects for 2010:
1)  For the Methodist church in Carrillos: construction of feeding area that is needed for the feeding program, a battery of bathrooms, and pastoral housing which will be in on the 2nd floor of the same building housing the other two construction jobs.
2) completing the construction on the park/playground area in Carrillos which has been started and progressed since the beginning of the year.
3) constructing administrative office area for the elementary school located next to the construction site of the park and playground area.


The fall discount rate that is now being offered to groups of 10 people or more that come anytime from September 1st or after and departing no later than November 15th is $100 off the cost for each person in the group.
This discount is made possible by the fact that the annual budget made for Strong Missions only takes into account having groups from January and into the middle of August. Any other groups that come are bonus.