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Saturday, July 11, 2015

You Can Almost Smell the Coffee Brewing!

Hello all, Charlie here!

As most of you know, we have been working for a while to be able to send Sircoff Coffee to the US. Strong Missions is proud to announce that we are almost there! We have been working with Chris Kellnor and Charitable Grounds to export this great tasting coffee directly to your door. I will let Chris introduce himself in his own words and don't forget to fill out the survey. Paz - Charlie

Hi, I'm Chris (the one in the very green picture). Two years ago I lead a trip to Strong Missions and it radically changed my life! After many prayers; hours of conversation with Charlie and all the other great folks at Strong Missions; many meetings with Marcos Oviedo and his family (our amazing coffee makers); and plenty of other preparation; our new venture - Charitable Grounds - is finally born! Not excited by that exclamation? Well maybe you'd be excited to win coffee delivered to your door monthly for an entire year. So keep reading...

Coffee directly serving the greatest good is our aim. Bringing Marcos' great coffee to the US and distributing it to churches and individuals is what we will do to start. But the grounds or basis for doing all this is old school charity: Jesus Christ's love for humankind! One way we do this is by cheerfully giving a tithe (10%) portion of our sales to Strong Missions to support their Loaves & Fishes ministry. In turn, we hope you are blessed by the delicious coffee and stories of continued good work done through this new venture.

Before our very first shipment, we need to hear from you! Please fill out the following survey AND you can enter to win our Coffee Year Sweepstakes (click here)! It's less than 10 questions and it will bless us tremendously if you do.