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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank You Letter From Dance Student

We wanted to take an opportunity to share a letter from an 11-year old dance student from Carrillos.  Below are pictures of the letter followed by a translation.

Thank you for all your continued support.  All of your prayers and donations go to support programs and children just like her!

"Strong (Missions) has left a mark on my life.  It's something that I love, not only is there discipline there is fun, and also I thank Karla who supports us in dance, for being the person who not only taught me to dance but also believed in me and my team and it doesn't matter to be in the corner because we will always be part of something because we are a team.

Also, I want to tell Karla that not only do I see her as a teacher I see her as a great example because I see that she is a very good person and full of God.  And with her I am going to laugh, cry and dance because it's this person that I love a lot and is very special to me.

Thanks to Strong (Missions) many children like me have benefited with the dance group and have achieved our dream of dancing.  Thanks for helping me to achieve my greatest dream.  I hope that all of the boys and girls take advantage of the great opportunities because in the world there are many talented children and in the future I hope I can help the boys and girls from all over the world and be a very good and talented person like them.

I thank you very much Strong (Missions) and Karla for being these people that have helped me believe in myself and the team and also I want to thank you for all of the great support and help.  Thank you all for everything.

Fabiola Hernández Quesada"

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